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Barwon Health / Barwon South West Public Health Unit

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Testing information

From the 1st January, if you need a PCR test, you will need a General Practitioners (GPs) referral.

Rapid antigen tests (RATs) are the easiest way to test for COVID-19.

It is recommended you should take a RAT
• If you have COVID-19 symptoms, even if mild
• If you have been in contact with some who has COVID-19
• Before visiting a high risk setting
• Before visiting people who are at higher risk of severe COVID-19 illness

We recommend gathering a supply for RATs to keep at home to ensure you do not risk others when sourcing a test whilst feeling unwell.

Where to access a RAT:
• Local supermarkets and pharmacies
• At some testing sites
• Free RATs are also available at local councils. Click here for details.
• Barwon Health Community Centres in Belmont, Torquay, Corio
• Barwon South West Public Health Unit RAT distribution program for vulnerable community members

PCR testing
If you are at high risk of severe illness and have COVID-19 symptoms and test negative on a RAT you may require a PCR. You should speak to your GP.

If you test positive, you may be eligible for antiviral medication which can reduce the severity of illness. Click here for details.

For testing in regional areas, find local testing information on your local health service website here.

A number of screening services are available in the Geelong region for people with symptoms of COVID-19:

Screening Services


After your RAT or PCR testing information on what to do next can be found here:

Last Modified: Monday, 20 March 2023

For COVID concerns

Barwon Health now has a dedicated hotline for people in the Barwon South West region to contact if they have concerns about their health status and are not able to get hold of their GP.

Call 1300 942 241 between 8:30am and 4:30pm, 7 days a week.