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Barwon Health / Barwon South West Public Health Unit

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Sexual Health

Barwon Reproductive and Sexual Health Clinic (BRaSH)

The Barwon Reproductive and Sexual Health (BRaSH) Clinics are located at University Hospital Geelong (UHG) and Barwon Health North (BHN). The clinics are staffed by doctors and nurses with expertise in sexual health, who provide the following services for people of all ages:BRaSH photo

  • STI screening, assessment, testing and treatment
  • PrEP for HIV prevention
  • Contraception advice, provision and referral
  • Education and advice around safer sex practices, sexuality, and sexual dysfunction
  • The BRaSH Clinic at UHG is also staffed by infectious disease specialists, a pharmacist, psychiatrist and an outreach worker who provide multidisciplinary clinical treatment and psychosocial support for people living with HIV.

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Last Modified: Tuesday, 16 April 2024