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Protecting the vulnerable

Sunday, 01 August 2021
The Barwon South West Public Health Unit and The Geelong Salvos outreach team has taken the COVID-19 Vaccination Program to the streets, offering rough sleepers and those requiring food relief the opportunity to receive a vaccination at their mobile outreach van.
Brad Ogle from Geelong Salvos outreach van team believes making the COVID-19 vaccine accessible to everyone including their friends will help minimise barriers to vaccination and ensure they are protected.
“We started the mobile vaccination clinics this week with a Barwon Health immuniser joining our evening outreach team, who were providing meals and support to those in need. Offering vaccination will help protect people in need who often find it difficult to lockdown and isolate during outbreaks. We hope a higher uptake in vaccination amongst the homeless will help protect their health and keep them safe.”
Barwon Health's Caroline Poynder joined Andy Allen and Brad Ogle from the Salvos outreach van.