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Give Smoking and Vaping Away

Thursday, 30 March 2023

Workplaces thrive when their workers do.

Many workers tell us they smoke or vape to relieve their stress.

But, did you know cigarettes and e-cigarettes can cause anxiety symptoms or make them worse?

Our Healthy Communities Unit is encouraging our community to seek help to quit smoking or vaping.

As part of a month-long campaign throughout May (‘Give Smoking and Vaping Away this May’) the team are offering workplaces a poster and stickers, and placing four large signs along busy roads throughout Geelong.

These have been all developed by applying a mental health approach to the issue of smoking and vaping, and providing a more supportive response. For instance, the ‘no smoking’ stickers available in the past have ended with the statement of ‘penalties may apply’. However now these stickers, and roadside signs, end with the statement ‘For support call our Be Smokefree Clinics on 1300 715 673’.

The team are also working with other councils to share our social media messages, so that as a whole region we offer support and services to help our community recover from nicotine addiction.

Start a conversation about being smoke and vape free to help everyone in the workplace reduce stress and thrive.

Reducing smoking among staff and promoting a smokefree workplace helps protect the entire workforce from the harms of tobacco smoke, and improves health, morale and team performance.

A workplace can create a smokefree environment with clear policies, education and resources to assist smoking cessation.

For individual support and encouragement, call the Be Smokefree Clinics at Barwon Health (1300 715 673).

Click here to download a poster for your workplace.