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Chief Health Officer Alert: New measles case in Victoria

Wednesday, 03 July 2024

A new case of measles has been reported in Victoria in a returned overseas traveller.

Measles is a highly infectious viral illness that can spread from person-to-person and potentially lead to serious health complications.

People who have attended the listed exposure sites during the specified dates and times should monitor for symptoms of measles. There are multiple locations identified across Victoria, however the four exposure locations and times for the Barwon South West are:

-Tuesday 25 June          

11:00am to 12:00noon

Coles, Corner of Bromfield Street and Queen Street, Colac, VIC, 3250            

-Wednesday 26 June    

3:00pm to 3:50pm        

Toyworld Warrnambool, Timor St Warrnambool 3280

-Thursday 27 June        

11:00am to 11:40am  

Friendly Grocer, 23 Lord St, Port Campbell 3269        

-Friday 28 June 5:00pm to 7:00pm       

Port Campbell Hotel, 40 Lord St, Port Campbell 3269

-Friday 28 June 6:30pm to 7:30pm    

Friendly Grocer, 23 Lord St, Port Campbell 3269         

Anyone who develops symptoms of measles should seek medical care. Call the health service beforehand to advise that you may have been exposed to measles and wear a mask.

Symptoms of measles include:



-sore or red eyes (conjunctivitis)

-runny nose

-feeling generally unwell

-followed by a red rash.

It can take up to 18 days for symptoms to develop after exposure. So it's important for people who visited these locations to look out for symptoms up until 18 days from exposure.

Initial symptoms of measles may be similar to those of COVID-19 and influenza. If a symptomatic person tests negative for COVID-19 and/or influenza but develops a rash, they should be advised to continue isolating and be tested for measles.

We want to remind the community to make sure they are up to date with their vaccinations. The measles vaccine can prevent the disease even after exposure, if given early enough.

This should be a reminder for everyone to check that they are protected against measles, which is highly infectious.

The MMR vaccine is available in Victoria for free:

  • on the National Immunisation Program, routinely given at 12 months and 18 months of age.
  • for anyone born during or after 1966 who have not already received two doses of measles-containing vaccine, are unsure of their vaccination status, or do not have evidence of immunity to measles.
  • for young infants aged 6 to 12 months prior to overseas travel to countries where measles is endemic or where outbreaks of measles are occurring. If an infant receives an early dose of MMR vaccine prior to travel, they should still receive routine doses at 12 months and 18 months of age as per the National Immunisation Program schedule

Anyone planning overseas travel should make sure they have received appropriate travel vaccinations, including MMR vaccine.

For a full list of locations, times and further information see the Chief Health Officer alert here:

If you are concerned that you may have been exposed and have developed symptoms call your GP prior to presenting at clinics, or for advice contact the Barwon South West Public Health Unit on 03 4215 4000.