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Barwon Health / Barwon South West Public Health Unit

(03) 4215 4000

Our team

The Barwon South West Public Health Unit is a multidisciplinary team of health professionals such as nurses, doctors and allied health professionals and administration support.

Our team is made up of public health doctors, pharmacists, infectious diseases doctors, data analysts, immunisers, nurses, epidemiologists, aged care experts, pubic health officers, administration officers and communication advisors including:

Professor Eugene Athan OAM - Director

Associate Professor Daniel O’Brien - Deputy Director 

Deb Kay - Co-Director

Dr Naomi Clarke - Public Health Physician

Dr Mohammad Akhtar Hussain - Public Health Physician

Rebecca Johnson - Executive Assistant 

Sara Bonnici - Communications Advisor

Penelope Radalj - Aged Care Hub Lead

Caroline Poynder - Immunisation Lead

Dr Nomvuyo Mothobi - Infectious Diseases Physician & Microbiologist

Dr Caroline Bartolo - Infectious Diseases Physician

Dr Callum Maggs-  Infectious Diseases Physician

Laura Brown - Health Data Analyst

Dr Bridgette McNamara - Epidemiologist

Dr. Michael Muleme - Epidemiologist

Rebecca Kinnear - Health Protection Manager 



Last Modified: Wednesday, 15 May 2024